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Mud Pie

Mud Pie Rosebud Inn Teapot-86304

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$ 39.95

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A  wonderful gift for any occasion. The size of the teapot is 5.5" x 9". This is a Retired teapot from Mud Pie. The teapot has a light pink bow on the very top of the teapot house. The roof is a textured mixture of light pink with outline like tiles.  On either side of the higher part of the roof is a pink pearl-like look. The spout and the handle are white and both have pink flowers that go down the front of the handle and spout onto the bottom of the teapot on either side. The flowers are pink with green attaching leaves. The front of the teapot shows on the upper floor windows with blue curtains. Above the second floor is a white vent with a green boundary that goes around the vent. The bottom floor of the house is like a light blue pearl like look with pink vertical lines spaced out. The front also has a turret look and the door is light mint green with a window like look in the middle with pink trim around the window. Above the door is a sign that has the name ROSEBUD INN. Above the sign is a pink flower with a leaf on either side. On the back of the handle of the teapot is one single pink flower. The back of the teapot is white with pink border spaced out on the back. The teapot comes in its original box.


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