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Mud Pie

Mud Pie Candy Shoppe Teapot-86308

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This Teapot is Retired.  It comes in its original box.  The size of the teapot is 5.5"  x 8.5".  The lid on the teapot has a red and white stripped bow.  Underneath the bow in a pie shaped circle are candy corn positioned side by side.  At the top of that are purple and yellow candy going around the very top of the lid.  The roof of the candy tea pot is made up of green tiles.  Around the roof is a border of red and white that goes around to the front where there are two big candy canes that are sitting on the front part of the roof.  Between the candy candy cane is an oblong sign with the words CANDY SHOPPE in a light purple lettering on an ivory colored background.  The main part of the teapot is an ivory color.  The back has one window with what looks to be hard purple candy.  At the bottom of the teapot on the back are two borders of red and white.  In each corner at the bottom are two pieces of green candy.  On each side of the teapot at the bottom on either side of the handle are two pieces of pink candy.  there are another piece of green candy at the corner.  The handle is in between the four pieces of candy and the handle is red, green, and ivory stripped.  At the top of the handle on the roof are eight pieces of pink candy.  On the other side where the spout is there are pieces of pink and green candy which goes around the spout in three circles.  At the bottom between the two green corner pieces of candy are six pink pieces of candy.  The front has an ivory door with a candy candy strip around it and a purple bordered window in the door and a window on each side. 

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