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Mud Pie

Mud Pie Candy Shoppe Candle House-86008

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This Candy Shoppe Candle House is Retired.  It comes in its original box.  The sizeof the candle house is 7" x 5".  The platform on which the candle house sits has a bottom salmon color border that goes all the way around the platform.  Above that border is the red and white stripped border followed by the green raised candy piece border that also go around the whole platform.  The platform itself is white.  When the tea lite is lite please use CAUTION AS IT WILL BE HOT. The base of the house is a creamy white.  The tiles on the roof are green.  On the upper level on each side of the main ridge that is a red and white piece of peppermint looking candy.  The top of the chimney has yellow rings with brown pieces of candy going down the chimney.  Between the top part of upper roof and the bottom there are at each edge a red and white stripe going down the side of the upper story.  On two sides of the upper story there is an opening that has purple looking candy going around the opening with a pink piece of candy in each corner.  On each side of the candle house there are two windows with purple trim and pink candy in each corner.  In the middle of the window is a red and white stripe which divides the window.  The same window is at the back on the first floor but there is only one window.  The front the house in the upper area is red and white stripe in vertical display and there is a circular opening with seven pieces of candy in the circle and below the circular opening is a purple bow.  The bottom part of the front on the candle house on the roof has two tops of candy canes, one on each side with a sign in the middle that is a half circle which has CANDY SHOPPE on it.  The front of the house has on the left side a yellow star with a red decoration hanging on it and on the other side has two peppermint candy wheels hanging on the other.  There is a window on each side like those on the sides and back with the exception of candy cane poles on each side.  The door is ivory and has pink candy around the opening with a red bow.  The tea light is included in this candle house.

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