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Mud Pie

Mud Pie Apple Cottage Tea Pot-86313

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This teapot is RETIRED.  It comes in its original box.  The size of the teapot is 5.5" x 9".  The lid has a red and white stripped bow.  The rest of the lid is grey tiles and right below the grey tiles on the lid appears to be a small rectangular window with blue trim around the area with a red rectangular window.  The rest of the roof is a white grey tiles.  On the back of the teapot and basically all the way around is the same blue tile that was around the bottom of the lid.  In the back is a matching window to what was on the roof.  One big window with four panes that is trimmed in the orange red that is the color of the apples.  Both the spout and the handle are a creamy ridged color with groupings of apples on the handle with green leaves and groupings of one and two apples on the handle.  On the spout the apples also have a stem.  The apples are on both sides of the spout and handle.  The bottom of the teapot is green border which goes all of the way around the teapot.  The front of the house has in the roof area has two window like areas that have red orange trim in the shape of triangles.  The bottom front of the house has at either end two white post.  On either side of the red orange door are two windows with one on each side trimmed in red orange color.  Below the window on the left are five apples just placed there.  On the right side of the window is a basket of apples.  Hanging from the very end of the roof is a sign in red orange lettering on a light yellow back ground are the words:  APPLE COTTAGE.  The letter O is in the shape of an apple.

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