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Marci-Children of the Inner Light

Marci-Children of the Inner Light Mother Frame-4004611

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The mother picture frame is 4" x 6".  The background of the frame is white.  There is a black ribbon with a bow and white polka dots that expands across the top and down  on the left side of the frame.  Under the top part of the ribbon that expands across the top is the word MOTHER written in black.  On the right side of the frame is a little girl holding some flowers in one hand and she is wearing a white blouse with black hearts on it.  Behind the little girl is what appears to be a rope going up toward the R of the word Mother.  There are two black and white plaid heart on either side of the black rope.  The inscription at the bottom of the frame reads:  WHEN LOVE IS NEEDED, YOU ARE THERE.  YOU SHARE ALL THAT YOU HAVE, AND ALWAYS SAY "I LOVE YOU".  IT IS A BLESSING TO CALL YOU "MOTHER".


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