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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbriet Life Is Just a Chair of Bowlies Bookend-863963

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This is a single bookend.  It is about 6 1/2" in height and about 4" in width.  It is cold cast.  This bookend is RETIRED.  The back ground on the platform on which the chair sits has a black background.  On two sides on top of the background are raised small red cherries with a green leaf.  They are grouped in two's and one's.  The back side just has the black background.  On the front of the platform on the black background in gold letters are the words:  LIFE IS JUST A CHAIR OF BOWLIES. On each side of the saying is one group of two cherries.  On the top part of the platform on which the chair sits is a top of rose and cream checks with a group of two cherries and one cherries. At the front of the chair is a brown kitten with a red ribbon and assorted different color bowls which extend under the chair.  The chair itself is black with five rows of green leaf stems with leaves all the way down.  The chair also has a thin border of red around it and more green vines of leaves on the front of the arms and the front of the chair.  On the left side of the bowl sits one yellow bowl with red dots and on the top of the back of the chair sits three different assorted bowls.  The little girl is sitting in the chair holding a bowl of cherries.  She has dark hair and has a garland of different colored flowers she is wearing on her head.  She is wearing a purple dress with yellow polka dots and has yellow borders on her sleeves and along the bottom of her dress. She also has a white apron over her dress.

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