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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit Queen of Every thing Stepping Stone-ME-0018

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The size of the stepping stone is about 11.8"  x 11.8".  The out side border of the stone is a yellow-green color.  Right next to that border is a rose and light colored red check that goes all the way around the stone with the exception of a big rose flower in each corner with vines extending out on either corner of the stone.  Next is a very light yellow border that goes around the stone.  On the left side through the Queen's arm is a pennant that is on a yellow pole.  The pennant has a rose border followed by a border of black and white check with white check on either side of the black and white border.  Next is a royal purple color on the pennant.  On the right side,  the Queen has a scepter through her arm which is green with light yellow stripping around it.  At the top of the scepter is a rose type of flower with a yellow center with a small rose top.  The Queen is wearing a rose robe with white fur with black dots.  She has her elbows on the castle wall.  There is on either side a blue stem flower with a yellow top with a red band around the middle.  Just below the Queen is the sign The Queen of everything.  The word The is in white lettering on a black background.  The word QUEEN is on rose lettering with green vines in and around the letters.  The is a blue design below that with the word OF in rose lettering and the word EVERYTHING is in black lettering.    



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