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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit Old Friends - Antiques Ornament-ME0347-C

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Old Friends - Antiques is Retired.  Height is about 3 1/2".  Length and width are 3" each.  The Old Friends-Antiques looks like a red brick shop.  There are different colored lighta around each window.The inside panes of the windows are yellow like there are lights on.  The front of the Old Friends - Antiques has a red door with green trim around the door.  There is a green and white sock that hands from the middle of the door.  To the side of the door is a plant with peppermint flowers growing from a planter.  There is a mat that is in front of the door that says OPEN.  There is a sign above the door that says OLD FRIENDS - Antiques.  Above the sign is a blue bird with a red cap on.  On one side of the shop is a snowman with a blacl hat with a red trim.  He has what looks to be a pipe sticking out of his mouth and he is wearing green mittens.  He is holding a present in his hands.  There is a blue bird that is on the roof looking down at him.  On the back of the shop is a decorated Christmas tree with two squirrels around the tree.  On the final side of the shop is a squirrel on the window sill looking down at a black Scootie dog with a red collar.



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