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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit Ladies Laughing Plaque-846783

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The Ladies Laughing plaque is 5 1/2"  x 3 1/2".  There is an orange and white checked  ribbon with a bowat the top.  The background on the plaque is a mixture of an off gold and light brown color.  The saying on the plaque has mixed colors of yellow at the top with an orange brown color at the bottom.  The saying on the plaque states:  IN YOUTH WE LEARN, IN AGE WE UNDERSTAND".  The words in age are in the middle with a flower on either side.  Underneath the saying are three lady friends standing on what looks like grass.  The first lady is wearing a light purple sweater and holding a very large bouquet of flowers.  The second lady is standing right behind the first and she is wearing a purple sweater with a dark purple skirt.  The third lady has on a  pink top and light brown skirt.  The ladies behind the first lady are wearing a garland of flowers around their neck and on the grass around the ladies are sun flowers.  The ME insignia is toward the bottom on the right side.                  

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