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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit Its Good To Be Queen Bell Pull-TBPEGQ

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This Bell Pull is Retired.  It is 8" x 41".  It has a light purple and dark purple checks that go around the whole bell put and the bell pull is divided into four sections with the section of the queen being the longest section.  The border of purple also goes in between each picture and connects up with the borders on the side.  In the first section are the words in all capitals letters.  They say:  IT'S GOOD TO BE QUEEN.  The word IT'S is printed in green and has a red arrow pointing to the right under it.  The word GOOD is in purple and has a red heart at each end of the word.  The words TO BE are also written in green.  The word QUEEN is in green with a purple outline inside the letters.  The next section has a pink and white ceck border around it just in side the purple one.  It has a blue bird in a bird cage with the door to the cage open and the bird swing on a red swing.  There is a flower in each corner and music notes are at the top left of the cage and a red bow is tied to the top of the cage.  The queen section is the biggest section of the bell pull and it features a blonde haired queen sitting smiling on her throne with her arm rested on the side of the throne.  She has on a jeweled crown and a blue robe with blue polka dots on her robe.  To her side are two big tree plants with rose flowers on them sitting in a planter and at the bottom of the planter is an open book.  In the last section just as in the queen there is a pink and white border around the section and inside the section are two big bags of money and a flower in each corner with a catalog just below the money.  There is also an ME insignia is black and white.  The background in each picture is a type tan and yellow.

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