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Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit Holiday Snowman With Children Plaque-ME253

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This plaque is 12" in height.  It is a tin plaque.  It has a red border all the way around it.  At the top of the plaque the background is blue.  There are gold stars in and around the letters.  The word PEACE  has a gold yellow color at the top of the letters with an orange color in and at the bottom of the letter.  the word PEACE is arched and at the bottom of the letters is a white and red check arch. On either side is a decoration with a holly surrounded by a gold trim and laid on a yellow background. underneath there is a red decoration with a black area of white dots.  The Snowman is in the middle with his carrot nose and wearing a hat with holly on the top.  The Snowman has his arms around each child.  There is a rake in back of the snowman.  The little girl is wearing a blue scarf with a purple coat and a maroon skirt and brown boots. She also has a red brown cap with a white tassel at the end of her cap. The young boy has a brown cap and a brown colored jacket.  He is wearing blue pants with brown shoes and yellow socks with red stripes.  The Snowman's scarf is the same color of the little girl's cap but it also has yellow stripes.  This piece is Retired.


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