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Jim Shore

Jim Shore Noah's Ark Tote-129741

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This tote is Retired.  the size of this tote is 16" width.  The height 11 1/4".  There are two handles that are navy blue on the tote. The picture on the tote is the same on both sides.  There is a small border at the top of the tote with a yellow background.  There are two different flowers on the border that alternate around the top of the tote.  Both of the flowers have green leaves.  On either side of the ark are green and white fish which go down the side with one fish on the top of the other.  They are varying sizes.  In the middle of the tote is the ark which has the same design of the flowers which go around the ark.  You see Noah and his wife standing at the left side of his ark with a rooster on one end and a cow facing the other way.  There are also geese and pigs on the ark.  The ark itself is white with a red top.  The ark is decorated with the same designs as the tote.  The bottom border has on each side the alternating flowers and in between are light yellow designs on a red square background and red stars on a light yellow background.

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