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Marci-Children of the Inner Light

Cat Sculpted Card-Marcie-Children of the Inner Light

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The Cat Card is in the shape of a heart.  The border around the heart is black with white dots.  The background of the heart is white and the inscription on the heart is:  A CAT IS A GIFT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. . .A SPECIAL COMPANION ALWAYS READY TO WARM THE HEART AND SOOTHE THE SOUL.  On the stand in front of the heart which is attached to the heart on the far right side is the cat which is white with black polka dots and a black and white plaid ribbon.  There are flowers to the left of the cat that are behind and in front.  There is also a big planter with flowers in it and on the front of the planter is the word faithfulness.  On the front of the stand are the words in black:  I LOVE MY CAT.  You can also put a message on the back of the card and the card is made of stoneware.


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