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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bears Sergei Bearskov Christmas Bear- 912619

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Sergei has red velvet like pads on the bottom of each foot.  In the middle of the each pad is a white snowflake.  On both of his hands he is wearing red knit mittens with a snowflake on the top part of the mitten  Around his neck he is wearing a black scarf with a red section toward the end of the scarf with two white snowflakes which are side by side.  At the end of the scarf is black fringe.  On his head he is wearing a black hat with red trim.  the trim goes all the way around the hat.  In the middle of the hat is one white snowflake.  At the top of the hat, the  hat is trimmed with red.  On each of the ends at the top are one red tassel with a small black band around each tassel.  Sergei is about 14" in height.

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