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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bear Twas Night Before Christmas Bell Pull-TBPBTC

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The sizeof this bell pull is 9" x 41".  The dowel comes with the bell pull.  There is a thin red border that goes all the way around the bell pull.  There is a red tassel that hangs at the bottom of the bell pull in the middle.  The back ground of the bell pull is a sky blue.  There are little stars through out the bell pull. The moon is at the top and you can see two big stars plus   a shooting star appearing to hold up the tablet.  The tablet is a white brown like color with a deeper brown on the edges of the tablet.  In the middle written in black is the saying:  Twas The Night Before Christmas.  On either side is a grouping of green leaves with berries on each side.  Below that you see Santa bear holding a book with the help of the little bear in the green sweater and cap.  Below Santa and the little bear are more ivy leaves with bells.

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