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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bear The Lesson Wall Hanging-HWBBTL

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This wall hanging is 26"   x   36".  It comes with the dowel.  There is a black border which goes all the way around the wall hanging.  At the top of the wall hanging and at the bottom at alphabet letters in white.  On each side of the alphabet letters there is a white heart.  Down the sides in white are O's followed by X's and the numbers one through five followed by three X's and two O on one side and on the other you have X's and O's followed by the number 9 and more X's and O's..  Inside the border there is a tree with a lot of apples and a white banner which goes across the top which states THE LESSON and then A+.  Below the tree is the teacher dressed in a blue dress with a white collar and a blue bow in her hair.  She is holding an apple.  There is a stack of different books at her side with a bottle of ink in the corner.  Her student is also there in an off color pink dress with a bow to match.  She is holding a slate which states:  I can Read Now.  They are both sitting on a quilt with flowers to the side of the student.

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