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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bear Flight Training Pillow-TLBFT

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The size of this pillow is about 17" x 17".  The pillow has a black backing and the border that goes around the pillow is brown with a gold star in each corner.  In the middle of the pillow there is a sky blue background with gold stars and leaves floating about.  There is part of a sign at the top of the pillow which shows an angel bear on  the end of the sign and the word WINGS printed in red lettering.  Along the bottom of the pillow but within in the border is the rest of the sign and also in red lettering are the words in red TO SOAR.  In the opposite corner at the bottom of the pillow but within the border there is also another little bear angel who seems to be holding on for his life.  In the middle of the pillow is another bear angel who is wearing a red aviator cap and who appears to be taking maybe his first flight.
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