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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bear Dale Earnhardt Jr Plush Bear-919440

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 16" in height.  He is wearing his cap with the lip turned toward the back of his head.  The lip is black and trimmed around the lip in red.  The rest of the cap is red with the number 8 in white in the center of the cap.  Dale Jr. is written on the cap in black.  The top part of his fire suit is red.  On the back in the middle is the number 8 in white.  Right below the 8 is his name Dale Jr. in black.  On the front part of his suit is a black small design on one side and a matching white design on the other.  Below that is his name Dale Earnhardt written in black and Jr in white.  His pants are black with a red stripping on either side in red with a white thin stripe on the outside.  In the middle of each red strip is his name EARNHARDT written in white and Jr. in black.  The small bear in the picture IS NOT INCLUDED.

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