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Boyds Bears

Boyds Bear Abigail Rose Primsley-912645

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Abigail Rose is about 14" bear.  She is a very light brown bear.  She is dressed in her finest dress with an accompanying hat and parasol.  She is holding her parasol in her left hand and it is a beige lace parasol.  Her dress is a decorative light green designed material on the top. It has a white satin color with two pink roses down the collar and the collar's border is trimmed in lace.  There are two buttons in the top back of her dress. The area of her dress near the middle has three folds with lace that goes all the way around the middle of that area.  There is a green bow which matches the top of the dress that is tied on her left side.  The skirt part of her dress is a white satin like material.  She also has on a matching pair of white pants under her dress.  Her hat also matches the top of her dress with two beige colored flowers at the front of the hat laying on a layer of lace.  

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