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Raggedy Ann and Andy Kind Hearts Are the Garden-106215

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This Raggey Ann and Andy piece is RETIRED.  It comes in its original box.  The height on this piece is 7" and the length is about 6".  The widith is 3".  This piece displays a flowered wooden gazebo look.  The swing is centered over a stone like patio and there are pink and rose colored flowers all over the front and back part of the area.  There are two blue birds on the top of the gazebo area.  There are two bird houses at the top area of the swing on each side. Raggedy Ann is dress in a blue and white pinafore with little flowers you can see on her top and her sleeves.  She is holding a very pretty pink flower.  Andy is wearing a blue cap with white trim.  His overalls are blue with a white, red, and blue stripe.  The saying on the box:  KIND HEARTS ARE THE GARDEN.  KIND THOUGHTS  ARE THE ROOT.  KIND WORDS ARE THE BLOSSOM.  KIND DEEDS ARE THE FRUIT.
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