Raggedy Ann And Andy Greet The Season Oh So Jolly-104400

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This Raggedy Ann and Andy are RETIRED.  This wonderful piece comes in its original box.  It is lighted as you can see in some of the pictures.  Raggedy Ann and Andy are working hard to decorate thie Christmas tree.  The tree has garland, ornaments, stars, and hearts to go on this tree.  On the box where the ornaments are is the word fragile.  Andy is on a ladder trying carefully to put the star on the top.  On the back side of the tree there are four boxes of ornaments and three are open displaying what is inside.  Raggedy Ann is wearing her pinafore.  The top part is a rose color and in the back she has a tied bow.  Her top part is white with little green flowers on her top and sleeves.  She is holding an ornament in her hand.  Andy has on his green cap with white trim.  He is wearing green overalls with a white and green shirt.  His left hand is resting on the box of ornaments whilte trying to put the star on the tree.  His socks are white with red stripes and his shoes are green.  The diameter of this piece is about 6" and the height is about 5".  Thier dog is gray with a pink bow.