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Andrea by Sadek Four Piece Morning Glory Turteen Set-17189

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This is a beautiful Morning Glory four piece set Tureen.  It consist of the Platter on which the tureen sits.  The platter is about 12 1/2 " in diameter.  The second piece is the 10" in length.  The third and fourth pieces are tureen and the lid.  The height of the tureen with the lid but not sitting on the  platter is about 8 1/4".  The platter in the very middle is white and around the platter are purple morning glory vines with green leaves alternating with an outline of a gold raised leaf.  The tureen has a white background.  At the bottom of the tureen going all the way around it are a total of four raised gold outlined leaves.  Right above that are the morning glory vines with leaves.  There is a gold rim around the top of the tureen.  There are two handles, one on each side which have a white background with gold  trim  decorated along the side of the handle and at each end of the handles.  The lid at its border also has a gold rim around it with morning glories going all the way around it.  The top of the lid has the gold decorated leaf on it.  The ladle is white with a thin gold accent around the ladle and a gold decoration from four inches of the ladle to the end.