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Mary Engelbreit Believe Church Ornament-ME0347-B

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The Believe Church Ornament is Retired.  The height is about 3 1/2". The length is 3 1/2".  The width is 3".  The church is cream color with a rust colored door.  There are little red flowers that help to decorate the chuch building.  In gold lettering above the door is the word BELIEVE.  The roof is green and on the very top of the roof is a gold bell in the window with blck and white trim around the bell.  A bell with the same trim can be seen in the tower of the church on all four sides.  There is a tree decorate to the side of the chuch door.  Red ribbons decorate the bottom of the window and a red flower in the center of each window.  There is a white bird on the roof of the chuch.  The panes of the window are yellow all around the chuch as if to show light in the church.  There is a white rabbit on each side of the church.  At the back of the church is another decorate tree with ann angel dressed in yellow at the top of the tree..  The ME insignia is at the bottom of the window.