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Mary Engelbreit More The Merrier Trivet-105432

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The More The Merrier Trivet is Retired.  It is 6" in height and 5" in width.  It has a milky white background and it has a white border that goes all the way around it. The top of the trivet has a coral colored glass kitchen mitt with white dots.  At the top of the mitt is a small green border followed by coral and white stripes.  On the trivet there is a green Christmas tree outlined in white with five cottage rose flowers with three green leaves and a yellow star at the top of the tree.  There is a candy cane which has red, green, and white stripes.  there is also a gingerbread boy with a green bow tie and white stripes with coral stripes around his hand and feet.  Next to him is a big coral, green, and white stripped cottage rose flower with two green leaves.  On the bottom row is a cookie with green border and green and coral decorations.  Last at the bottom is a heart FOR SANTA that is white with small green dots and a coral and white border followed by a light brown border around the heart.  DO NOT PUT THIS TRIVET IN THE DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE.  ONLY HAND WASH.