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Mary Engelbreit Home Sweet Home Christmas Tree Spoon Rest-746851

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This Home Sweet Home spoon rest is Retired.  It is about 7" in height.  The tree is green with snow covering the top of the tree and wrapping around the tree as if to hug it.  there is also snow at the bottom of the tree.  The tree is decorated with yellow stars and an alternating red and white color on cottage rose flowers which have a yellow center.  They go from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree.  Also on the tree are very small red flowers  that have a red outline with a white outline and a black circle center.  All of the flowers have green leaves attached to them.  The stand of the tree has a white background with the same small flowers with their two leaves in a row across the tree stand   This is followed by two red wavy lines across the stand.  Next comes a green wavy border across the stand.  The last part of the tree stand has the tiny red outlined flowers with a white circle inside followed by a tiny black circle.