Marci-Children of the Inner Light

Get Well Mug-Marcie-Children of the Inner Light

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The Get Well Mug is a white mug with a little girl on the front of the mug.  She is holding a balloon in her right hand and is wearing a white dress with a plaid heart in the middle of her dress.  The balloon has the words in black that say GET WELL and is surrounded by a black border with white polka dots.  On either side of her are flowers with heads of the flowers in the shape of hearts.  The handle of the mug is black with white dots.  On the back of the mug, the little girl is at the top of the mug and has a black line going from her on the right side of the mug to the left side of the mug at the bottom to a heart.  Around the heart are the words The bounds we have are everlasting.  In the middle of the back of the mug under the words Get Well is the message:  MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH HOPE AND LOVE EVERY DAY AS YOU MOVE TOWARD A SPEEDY RECOVERY.  GET WELL SOON.