Foundations by Karen Hahn

Foundations By Karen Hahn Lited Angel with Stars Figurine-114262

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The angel  is about 8" in height.  It is about 6" in width from the tip of the moon on the left to the moon as it goes across to the right.  This is a very stunning piece and would make a great Mother's Day gift.  This angel has long reddish brown hair.and she is sitting in the middle of a Crescent moon.  She is wearing a cream colored gown with a two tone cream purple sleeves.  She has a blue cream like blanket across her lap with a copper colored heart at the bottom.  In her lap she has a big bowl of stars.  With one hand she is holding a stream of stars and her other hand is on the side of the moon.  Her wings are like two white pearl wings.which hang outside the middle of the moon.  The inscription is on the moon itself.  It states:  'HUSH MY DEAR, BE STILL & SLUMBER,   HOLY ANGELS GUARD THY BED!    HEAVENLY BLESSINGS WITHOUT NUMBER   GENTLY FALLING ON THY HEAD - Isaac Watts  The whole figurine from the top of the hook to the bottom of the stars that are hanging down is about 11 1/2".  This angel is Retired.